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Considering  the high premium for higher education, mentoring is more important than ever!

If you cannot afford a college education, but still want to pursue a music career, private lessons with a seasoned professional can prepare you to face the challenges of our times.
Whether you are interested in growing
as a media composer, or you would like
to expand your knowledge of audio post production, orchestration, music production, Patrick's forty + years of professional experience as a musician and an educator will help you reach your goals!

Online lessons are tailored to your needs, and focus specifically on materials that will help you grow and develop your style and abilities, so that you are ready to work in your field of choice.
All levels are welcome!

Patrick de Caumette currently teaches "Scoring for Film & Digital Media" and "Scoring & Audio Design for Video Games" @ Temple University and "Sound for Film"
@ The University of the Arts

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